Mosin-Nagant Bolt Disassembly Return to m91/30

To remove the bolt from the rifle, unload the magazine, pull the bolt back while pulling the trigger. The bolt will slide out of the receiver.
View of the sniper bolt with bent handle and the normal Mosin-Nagant bolt

Holding firmly on the bolt body,

pull the cocking piece back and trist it to the left and let it slide forward.

View of the bolt showing the firing pin guide has followed the cocking piece.

Pull the bolt head and firing pin guide forward free from the main bolt body.

Turn the bolt head to the left and pull it free of the firing pin guide.

View of the firing pin guide showing the slot in the back.

Use the slot in the rear of the firing pin guide to unscrew the firing pin from the bolt body. Hold both items firmly as the firing pin is still under some pressure as it releases.

Fully disassembled bolt.