SVT-40 Disassembly Return to SVT-40

Slide the bolt cover forward

Carefully lift the rear of the bolt cover and release the recoil spring. Allow the spring to return to it's normal position.

Push the bolt carrier back so that carrier groves come free on the right side, alowing you to tilt the bolt up and to the right.

Allow the bolt to slide forward again, the right side will now be free of the receiver.

There will now be enough clearance to allow you to release the tension on the recoil spring.

Pull the recoil spring plus bolt and carrier out of the receiver.

Drop the rear of the bolt and slide it forward to free it from the bolt carrier.

Swing the latch on the rear of the receiver to the left.

Use a cartridge to press the catch inside the receiver, allowing the trigger group to swing free.

Remove the cleaning rod and press on the latch to free the forward barrel band.

The top hand guard can now be removed, exposing the gas system. To clean the gas port, pull the rod back so that it clears the "cup" you can then remove the "cup" from the gas port. The gas port can be un-screwed from the barrel tap.

To remove the barrel and action from the stock, un-screw the cross bolt.

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